Equipement de Richie Hawtin volé à l'Hotel Costes à Paris

Voici le communiqué affiché sur la page Facebook de Richie car son matériel a été volé à Paris:

To all my French fans, friends and supporters. I need your help! On Friday night someone broke into my hotel room at Hotel Costes in Paris and stole my iPod and 2 x Plastikman Live iPads (serial #GB01723UZ38 and #GB0129CAZ3A) and my Plastikman Live show Apple Macbook Pro 17" laptop (serial #C02CK0GXDC7C).

I am asking everyone to keep their ears and eyes open for any information about these very important and personal items. I'm offering a 2500 € reward for any information that leads to the return of the equipment.

Please email me at x@m-nus.com. If found/returned I will NOT prosecute any one involved as I would just like to have my equipment returned.

Thank you, Rich.

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