Markus Schulz

Voici une interview que j'attendais depuis très longtemps. Markus Schulz, dj trance très populaire, nous a bien voulu nous accorder une interview. C'est avec joie que je poste cette interview dans un premier temps en anglais.
Hi Markus. Thanks for taking your time for the interview. Are you travelling a lot at the moment?

Markus Schulz:
Yes, I am travelling a lot. And loving it! I never thought that I would be able to see the places that I have been able to see in my life by doing something that I love like DJing.

markus schulz trance energy
Your recognition in Germany started to gain this year, although you are a well-known face in the trance-scene. What do you think is a reason for that?

Markus Schulz:
Maybe because that everyone in Germany is starting to realise that I am German. To be honest, I really want to do anything that I can to help the scene grow in Germany. The German market is very important to me because that is where I am from.
Most people that know you associate Global DJ Broadcast, your show at an US-radio station, with your name. Since when are you playing there and how did it start?

Markus Schulz:
The show has been on here in Miami for three years. It started shortly after the station went on the air and I had just come back to the US from London. With a lot of hard work, we really tried to get international listeners through partnerships with Internet radio outlets along with the radio station here in Miami and now we have this great audience all over the world!
You are born in Eschwege, Germany. When did you left for the US and why?

Markus Schulz:
I left Eschwege when I was 13 because my mother remarried an American. It was a very difficult time for me because I had so many good friends in Germany and to move away to a new country with a different language was very hard for me at that age. All my family still lives in Germany and I visit them as often as I can. This coming summer I will be staying in Germany for a few months while I tour Europe.
Did you rise with Hip Hop and Black Musik in the US? How did you get into trance music?

markus schulzMarkus Schulz:
Actually, I started being influenced by hip-hop and electronic music when I was in Germany. My American friends used to get mix tapes from radio stations like 98.7 KISS and WBLS in New York City. We used to listen to these mixes over and over. Along with these hip hop tapes I was also interested into break dance music like Kraftwerk, Man Parish, Nucleus, Africa Bambatta and Yellow Magic Orchestra. My tastes in music evolved from there. So my days in Germany had great influence on my sound today.
Are you open minded for other types of music? What are you listening to privately?

Markus Schulz:
I like listening to classic 80s alternative and anything that has a dark mood. Lately I've been listening to a lot of Sting and Peter Gabriel type stuff.
You describe your style with "sexy trance". What do you mean with that?

Markus Schulz:
My tracks a lot of times aren't your typical fist pumping type trance. It is more like music you move your hips to and I love watching beautiful ladies moving their hips to a big subby baseline.
Where do you get your inspiration for your songs?

Markus Schulz:
When I make a song it is more of a snapshot of what I am feeling at the moment. I draw a lot of inspiration from my life, things I do and see everyday like my family and friends and everyday experiences.
Which equipment are you using? What are your favourites?

Markus Schulz:
I use Pro Tools and Logic. I've been using Pro Tools for over 10 years so it is like an extension of me. I think it is important for any producer to feel at one with the program that you use. This way you are able to create freely. I also use Logic for all of the VST plug ins. There are some really cool grainy little plug ins that I have been using from Logic.
With whom do you like to produce together in the future?

markus schulzMarkus Schulz:
I would love to produce with some of the classic alternative artists. Their dark moods I think would fit very well with the Coldharbour sound. For me it is important to set a mood with my music. I can remember some of the hard times in my life and listening to The Cure, The Smiths, Echo And The Bunnymen, Book Of Love and even some of the hip hop from back then which had really sombre and moody melodies. For me it would be a thrill to work with some of the artists that have shaped me and touched my life. Those artists are part of my soul and who I am as a person.
What are you working on right now? Which new tracks are coming soon?

Markus Schulz:
I'm working on my artist album, which is taking a very long time. It is a lot harder task then I ever imagined. So far I have nine songs done but only completely happy with about four of them so I am still working to make it right. I am also still working on a remix of Led Zeppelin. It is turning out really cool and epic. That is what of those artists that I take great pleasure in working on so I am really taking my time with it because it is something that I what to look back on when my career is over with fondness.
Which tracks had fascinated you in the past, what is your all time favourite?

Markus Schulz:
Some of my all time favorite classics are: Don’t Give Up – Peter Gabriel, Fields Of Gold – Sting, Hip Hop Be Bop and Boogie Down Bronx – Man Parish and dance classics like Stella – Jam and Spoon and Perception – Cass and Slide.
You’re travelling a lot this summer – Canada, The States, The Netherlands and of course Ibiza; spinning there with Armin van Buuren every tuesday at the Armada Nights. It was a big success I heard?

Markus Schulz:
Yes, it was fantastic! I had played in Ibiza before at El Divino but it was not the right club for me. To play at Amnesia which for me is the best club in Ibiza for trance was not only an honor but also a huge thrill.
Is it continuing next year?

Markus Schulz:
YES and I am looking forward to it. Next year I plan on taking my family and staying in Ibiza for a couple weeks also.
How did Armin and you get together?

Markus Schulz:
Armin and I met at Amsterdam Dance Event in 1999. I gave him a copy of "You Won't See Me Cry". Several months later I received an email requesting permission to use it on his "Boundaries Of Imagination" cd. We stayed in touch and our paths just naturally grew closer. When he started Armada, Maykel and David who look after Armin started talking and keeping in contact with me. It was a very easy decision to sign with Armada because we were already so close and working together on a lot of projects. I think the cool thing is that Armin and I were friends first and working together was something that wasn't forced, it just happened.
How is the trance scene in the US? Is there any and in which clubs are playing that sound?

Markus Schulz:
The US at the moment is very house and hip-hop influenced. However God's Kitchen has been doing some great events in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago and Las Vegas. They are very successful and we are noticing a lot more djs embrace the Coldharbour sound.
There are a lot of press about mp3 online-shops. Are you a friend of mp3 and what will be the general tendency in the future? Does the vinyl die?

Markus Schulz:
Unfortunately yes. Vinyl is becoming increasing harder to find and travel with. There is nothing like playing vinyl but most of the music I play now is on cd. As a matter of fact when I went to Helsinki last week it was the first time that I travelled without a single vinyl. It was all cd.
What do you use in your sets? Vinyl, CD or Final Scratch?

Markus Schulz:
99% cd, 1% vinyl!

Thanks for your time! see you on Nature One.

Markus Schulz:
Thanks to and see you one Nature One then ^^

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